About AxelumTech

John P Bloch started AxelumTech in 2017. AxelumTech provides full-stack web software development services on PHP-based stacks. The preferred tech stacks are WordPress and Laravel, although a love of learning permeates the company, so don't worry if you need work done on another platform.

AxelumTech also optionally provides hosting support with new site projects. Depending on your scalability needs that could mean guidance in finding the right hosting provider or a bespoke hosting solution built and managed in-house.


John did work for my company multiple times in the past year and he was a joy to work with. He was very responsive and he was even able to get everything done before my timeline. We will definitely use John again if the need arises!

— Christina Siegler, Director of Operations, Crossfield Digital

Working with John was a real treat. John built the site to handle extremely heavy amounts of traffic and during these high-traffic times, performance did not suffer even as surrounding sites that he did not build crashed. John demonstrated enthusiastic commitment to quick turnaround times despite changing scope, working on tight deadlines to make the client happy.

— Roy Maultasch, Project Manager, Crossfield Digital

John is one of the most competent engineers I've ever known or had the privilege to work with. His ability to engineer simple solutions to seemingly complex business challenges is unparalleled.

— Eric Mann, Former Coworker

John possesses the ability to cut to the core of almost any problem without getting lost in rabbit holes or off on tangents; he knows the right questions to ask and has the experience to make thoughtful, well-informed decisions and recommendations.

— Steve Grunwell, Former Coworker

About John

John P Bloch

Howdy! I'm a self-taught web developer based out of the Dallas, Texas area. I've been building websites for over a decade. I spent much of that time working in-house at a few agencies where I was fortunate enough to build some really impressive sites with unique challenges. This affords me the experience and knowledge necessary to understand the needs of your projects and deliver a solution that can grow with your company.

I've spent the majority of my career working with WordPress and pushing the boundaries of what it can do as a platform. At the same time, I love to learn and have continued to teach myself other technologies. I've built several applications on various PHP application frameworks, such as Slim, Laravel, and Phalcon. I find that these frameworks are often a better fit for a project than WordPress. Using the right tool for the job is an important part of understanding the challenge I'm solving, so it's important to me to have broad experience with different types of tools.

When I'm not building web applications, I am spending time with my family, honing my woodworking skills, or maybe just reading a good book.